About Us


Rohan H. Kamat (Ph.D.) is the Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Viravecs Labs. He leads the firm in strategic alliances and plays the 'hands-on' role in developing the platform technologies. A molecular virologist by choice, Rohan has a decade of experience in viral vectors and neurobiology.

What does Rohan have to say about himself...

I have always believed that translation research is where I want to be; this thought paved the path to where I am now! Having worked in a lab that mainly worked various translational projects, this step wasn't that difficult; saying that the business world was very very new to discover for me! It is a great experience juggling so many responsibilities at Viravecs and I hope we can make a significant contribution towards a better and healthy tomorrow.

Apart from the above roles, I love motorbiking across India..travelling refreshes me to take new challenges on any given day. Cooking, particularly an awesome barbecue with beer is one of the best ways to spend weekends for me! 


Srikanth Budnar (Ph.D.) is the Co-founder and the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Viravecs Labs.

What does Srikanth have to say about himself... 

I have always been amused by the basic entity of an organism- the “cell”. I started my scientific endeavour as a PhD student at the Cancer Research Institute at ACTREC, Tata Memorial Center. This is a perfect setting to understand basic cell biology within the context of a highly complex disease like cancer. Following a brief postdoctoral research at TIFR, Mumbai, I joined the Institute of Molecular Bioscience at University of Queensland, Australia. Here, I continued my research within the area of epithelial cell biology, understanding cortical signaling pathways that control cell-cell interactions and communication. To investigate these I use a combination of high-end techniques in quantitative imaging, molecular biology and biochemistry. With the advent of the genome editing tools, I now use CRISPR-Cas9 system to tag endogenous genes (Fluorescent proteins and epitopes), introduce point mutations and generate knockout lines. Genome editing thus provides an excellent handle to manipulate genes in endogenous context to study gene function and cell behavior. 


In my spare time I like reading (mostly biographies and history) and cooking (mostly Indian cuisines). 



Robin Mukhopadhyay (Ph.D.) is an Honorary Advisor to Viravecs Labs and helps steer the company towards its goals. The former Head of Department of the Virology laboratory at the prestigious Cancer Research Institute (ACTREC) governed by the Tata Memorial Centre, he now is an Independent Biotech. Consultant.


Sudipta Sarma (M.Sc.) is the Head of Operation and solely responsible for experimental biology at Viravecs Labs. Having previously worked with renowned Biotech companies in Bangalore, she has immense experience in Molecular Biology and Cell culture.