CleanLinesTM: Our platform technology, which gives the client a mammalian cell line of their choice, wherein the Gene of Interest (GOI) is inserted in the genome at a locus where there are no off-target effects. 

CleanMiceTM: An extension of the CleanLines technology extended to mice; in the process of development will be available to the clients by 2017.


Stable Cell Line Development:

  • Cell lines for protein expression
  • Knockdown cell lines using RNAi
  • Reporter cell lines with fluorescent markers for imaging

CRISPR-Cas9 Based Genome Editing:

  • Knock-out cell lines
  • Mutation introduction/ rescue
  • Promoter replacement
  • Endogenous gene tagging

Virology and Allied Services:

  • Lentiviral and Retroviral vector design, development and packaging
  • Virus concentration
  • Vector design and construction
  • Cloning